Domino G50i Thermal Inkjet Printer

Easy and efficient coding for primary and secondary packaging

The G50i is an entry-level thermal ink printer (TIJ) designed to simplify and streamline the coding process for primary and secondary packaging. It is easy to install and use, providing high quality printing on a variety of substrates.

Key features

Easy to install: the G50i is a plug-and-play solution that can be installed without technical knowledge.
Easy to use: The G50i has a 5-inch colour touch screen that makes set-up and use simple.
Reliable performance: the G50i delivers high quality, clear and accurate printing, even at high speeds.
Compatibility with a variety of substrates: The G50i can print on a variety of substrates including paper, cardboard, plastic and metal.
Domino-developed inks: Domino inks are designed to deliver high-quality, high-contrast printing with short drying times.


G50i is suitable for a variety of packaging coding applications including:

Batch and data coding: the G50i can be used to code information such as batches, expiry dates and barcodes.
Logo and text coding: the G50i can be used to print logos, text and other information on packaging.
Encoding tracking and tracing information: The G50i can be used to print tracking and tracing information to help track products throughout the supply chain.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Domino G50i thermal ink printer can help you improve your production line efficiency and ensure your products are coded according to industry standards.

Domino G50i (1,544 Kb) [Download]

imprimare cu cerneala termica pe cutii G50i

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