Rinsing equipment for empty containers - Efficiency and reliability

Discover specialised rinsing equipment for cleaning empty containers used in the food industry, whatever their material: plastic, metal or glass.

Key Benefits:

Advanced Automation: Made of premium AISI 316L steel, Emerito's rinsing system automates the rinsing process without the need for additional tools. The result: significantly increased throughput and increased staff efficiency, bringing an immediate competitive advantage.

Exceptional durability: Quality materials and unquestionable finishes ensure long life even in demanding working environments.

Low maintenance: Modern manufacturing concept simplifies maintenance, ensuring superior short and long term performance.

Advanced Modularity: The equipment is easily adaptable to your needs. You can choose between sanitising, blowing, rinsing or steaming systems, or combinations thereof.

Automate container washing and optimize production!

Discover the range of models:

  U1 U2 U2-SP Universal
Containers Jars, cans, PET, bottles, etc. All format and sizes.
Capacity Up to 40 containers/min. Up to 150 containers / min. Up to 200 containers/ min. Up to 2600 containers/ min.
Versatility Need of a formats shapes confirmation.

All containers without installation of additional elements. Easy format change adjustment by opening lateral belts.

Easy adjustment for the change of different formats.

All containers without installation of additional elements. Easy adjustment for the change of different different formats.

 Automate container rinsing and optimize production!


echipament de spalare  pentru recipiente goale

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