The food industry is one of the major industries in Romania, with a significant number of markets and consumers. Mach FTD delivers equipment, technologies and services that meet the requirements of a constantly changing market. We have experience in both the production area for raw materials and the consumption area, where we can offer complete solutions for marking and labeling, packaging, logistics solutions, automation and robotics. The fields of the food industry where Mach FTD has dedicated solutions, composed of semi-automatic, automatic equipment, customized modules, or complete lines, are:
  • Bakery
  • Meat and sausages
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Sauces
  • Various canned, jarred preparations (jams, zakuska, stews, etc.)
  • Sweets

The marking solutions are some of the most requested, thanks to the varied offer, not only of equipment but also of services and consumables. We can mark and label any product from fruits and vegetables to eggs and products packed in any type of packaging (bags, boxes, cans, jars, casseroles, buckets, glasses, etc.). The labeling can be folded onto any shape of the product, regardless of the position of the label and the shape of the product.

The Mach FTD’s equipment offer is suitable for packing individual units, regardless of size, composition, shape, or bulk in over 100 models of bags, sticks, envelopes, blisters, cans, jars, bottles, etc. We can assist our clients with primary, secondary and tertiary packaging requirements.

In the primary packaging stage, we can offer bottling equipment, vacuum filling, vibrating filling, pasteurization tunnels, washing and capping equipment.

In secondary packaging, we use shrinkable film, directly applied to the product or in trays and boxes, we strap with tape in semi-automatic or automatic mode, regardless of the sizes of product groups and pallets.

In tertiary packaging, we wrap and tie any type of pallet, regardless of size. A great advantage is provided by palletizing with a robot, although it is not the only solution offered by Mach FTD.

Automation and Robotics are not only useful but have become a necessity in recent years because of changes in the labor market. For example, palletizing with a robot is required to make the process more efficient in terms of costs, production results, reduction of human resource costs and human resource protection. In addition to palletizing, pick-and-place robots are also very useful in primary and secondary packaging, where the robots take, for example, hot food from the oven to place it on the conveyor, or insert dishes into boxes that are transported on the conveyor into another stage of packaging or depositories.

Producers in the food industry require easy-to-adapt solutions that are perfect for meeting their sales strategies. This is why Mach FTD offers advanced design, execution, implementation, and equipment services tailored to the needs of logistics flows within specific regions or channels (internal storage, online stores, physical stores etc.). The complete list of specialized solutions and tools can be accessed by clicking on the Intralogistics Division.


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