Label Applicator for pallets Domino M series

The M series label applicator for pallets from Domino is a flexible, reliable and easy to use equipment that ensures maximum productivity whatever the environment.

For many years to come

As the demand for more efficiency, productivity and traceability grows, the need for automatic pallet labelling systems increases. The M220 Pallet Labeller offers a wide range of features built into two different enclosures of aluminium or stainless steel construction. It delivers a flexible, reliable, safe and easy to operate solution to ensure maximum productivity for many years to come, even in the harshest of industrial environments. Thanks to its innovative design the applicator can be easily set up to label either one or two sides of the pallet, giving you the flexibility to meet current and future requirements.

Designed to withstand challenges

The M220 Pallet Labeller has a clean and modular design for inline use and is therefore easy to integrate. It can automatically apply two labels on adjacent sides of the pallet with one pallet stop in full compliance with GS1 standards. If required it can be configured to apply only one label per pallet stop. All industries have different requirements and the M220 Pallet Labeller is designed to withstand the challenges. Its robust design makes it well suited for operation in any industry. For the most demanding customers in industries such as Food and Beverage, the stainless steel cabinet is the preferred choice for maximum protection and durability. 

Pliant Domino Seria M pentru paleti (841 Kb) [Download]

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 PI Manager
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