PharMach - complete serialization solution

Mach Ftd has developed PharMach - a complete, serialization industrial solution. Serialization represents the marking of unique, random numbers on products to allow them to be tracked along the supply chain, in accordance with certain standards (GS1 - the most used system of standards for supply chains, in the world).

Prezentation of PharMach

PharMach includes serialization software, serialization (and labeling) module, and GAMP mode. PharMach is a flexible, modular and scalable proposal. Thus, depending on the production configuration, the module can range from simple serialization applications to complex applications (optional equipment and functions are added).

PharMach addresses the areas of industrial production, the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry and the electronics industry. The solution performs the following actions: provision of serial numbers (software developed by Mach Ftd), marking and / or labeling, verification (cameras) and data management (ASYNC).

The serialization module (hardware) includes:
• Product conveyor system with separation and positioning functions;
• The conveyor belt, which connects to the exit of the CMA machine, passes through the serialization module and reaches the packing area;
• Integrated systems for product coding and verification;
• Vertical strips, with motor, synchronized for fixing and stabilizing the boxes for marking;
• Command-control panel, start, stop, synchronization of conveyor parameters;
• Adjustable legs +/- 50 mm;
• Variable speed with the help of a potentiometer;
• Support for Marking mode and Vision system;
• Speed ​​transducer for Domino G X350i-tech printer;
• 3-color lamp and alarm;
• Stainless steel and aluminum construction;
• Plexiglas protection system;
• Automatic rejection of non-compliant products;
• Optional: pneumatic cylinder for products heavier than 250 g;
• Rejection confirmation;
• Technical documentation;
• IQ & OQ-optional documentation.

The benefits of using PharMach

Among the benefits of using this solution are:
• Customer safety - protection against counterfeiting
• Security of the supply chain - control against theft, illegal trade, unregistered products
• Financial benefits - brand protection, tax reduction, staff cost reduction, production loss reduction
• Efficiency and standardization - the supply chain flow is optimized

The benefits of purchasing the Mach Ftd serialization solution are:

- The solution is turnkey. Thus, the installation at the client is done in a shorter time
- Mach Ftd has extensive experience in equipment integration, so the module can be integrated into more complex production lines
- The technology used is of the latest generation. The solution is modular and flexible, which allows it to adapt to the customer's production requirements.
- The ASYNC solution benefits from operational guarantees
- The customer benefits from maintenance and service
- The customer benefits from spare parts

To find out more technical and operational details about PharMach, please download the presentation from the attachment!

PharMach-Mach FTD (1,121 Kb) [Download]