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Conveyor Units MACH Fashion Days

Customer Request:

The implementation of an automatic integrated transport and picking system with the existing WMS software, in order to optimize the flow, to increase the order processing capacity.
Prior to the implementation of the automatic transportation and picking system, mobile shelves were used, that were manually manipulated,  for sorting, by the operators, and a circular belt conveyor with pneumatic pushers, for picking.

Provided Solution:

The implemented solution consisted, in an automatic transport and picking system, consisting in a number of motor driven roller or servomotors conveyors, in a number of conveyors with longitudinal axis and belt straps, driven by means of an asynchronous gear motor,  and also in a number of  gravity roller conveyors. 
Containers with the 600 x 400 x 120 mm dimensions are being used, that are being filled with the products collected directly from the received pallets. 


- The automatic management of the transport and direction of the product containers.
- The reduction of the errors to a minimum.
- The possibility to perform upgrades, due to the modular components.
- The integration with the WMS of the warehouse.
- The reduction of the human resources involved in the picking operation to a minimum.
- The possibility to assign, for delivery, the diverting arms, according to the different regions of the country.