Automation of Materom Auto Spare Parts Warehouse


The automotive industry faces numerous challenges regarding warehouse management and preparing products for shipping. Regardless of the type of business (manufacturing, assembly, distribution, specialized auto parts sales), process automation is essential to achieve growth objectives.

Our company is proud to include Materom among our clients, and we are grateful for their trust in us. As a family-owned business, Materom ranks third among distributors of auto parts with Romanian capital. Their group includes dealerships for Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Dacia, Renault, Nissan, and Volkswagen, and they have been part of the Nexus Automotive International alliance since 2015, positioning themselves as advocates of the Nexus Auto service concept in Romania.

This project was initiated to help Materom increase the efficiency of its supply flow in the small and medium-sized product reception area, as well as to enhance the product collection process for orders, their final sorting, and delivery to customers. To achieve this goal, Mach FTD has implemented an automated warehouse logistics solution that can communicate effectively with Materom's Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Mach FTD's offering was designed to provide the quickest possible response to customer needs, taking into consideration the range of items being sold (small, large, unconventional shapes, heavy, bulk, or individual items). By automating the process of transferring Materom's products from supply areas to storage or for shipment, the objectives are to ensure that no errors or delays occur.

The transport system handles 450-550 containers per hour for the inbound reception supply area, equivalent to 25,000-50,000 units per shift. In the outbound sorting and preparation area for delivery, it handles up to 1,000 containers per hour, equivalent to 60,000-120,000 units per day.

Mach FTD's proposed solution consists of the following equipment and services:

• Business profile analysis, technical design, and 3D graphics
• Project management
• Transport and handling systems (roller conveyors, belt conveyors, elevators) placed on the floor or mezzanine
• Barcode scanners
• Pick and Put to Light system
• System automation and integration into the client's WMS
• Installation
• Training and startup assistance

For more technical details about the application, please visit the Applications Library, Intralogistics division.