Qimarox introduced a completely new pallet lift under the name Prorunner mk9. The Prorunner mk9 is a compact and robust lift that can effortlessly transport pallets up to 1500 kilograms up or down. Thanks to its modular design, the lift is durable and maintenance friendly and can be easily integrated into any environment without further engineering.

The Prorunner mk9 comes standard with a lifting platform of 1200 x 1200 millimetres. This means that the lift can handle not only euro pallets, but also product carriers with different formats like 1200 x 1000 or 1200 x 1200 mm. The maximum weight is 1500 kg. Depending on the height, the Prorunner mk9 has a capacity of 60 pallets per hour.

The Prorunner mk9 can easily bridge any difference in height between 0.5 and 10.0 m. The lift is modularly constructed out of sections of at least 1250 mm high and can be raised in steps of 250 millimetres.

Prorunner mk9 (2,495 Kb) [Download]