Emerito SMA depalletiser - Efficient solution for depalletising rigid containers

The Emerito SMA depalletiser is an efficient solution for handling empty rigid containers such as jars, cans or bottles that are already palletised. The main purpose is to align them perfectly and transport them correctly to your can production line. This equipment can also be used at the end of the line with full containers to align and route them to the batch marking and labelling area.


Total adaptability: Created in a wide range of options, models and variants, allowing flexible adaptation to the unique requirements of your facility and production.

Layer-by-layer depalletizing: The equipment operates with a Cartesian sweep depalletizing system, ensuring accurate layer-by-layer handling. It also includes an accumulation table and exit lanes to place containers in line one by one.

Advanced automation: Allows you to streamline your depalletising system by integrating options such as automatic loading of pallets before depalletising, automatic removal of separators between layers and automatic exit of empty pallets.

Optional cleaning system: A system for lowering containers to line height can be integrated, which can include functionality to clean the inside of these containers using water, air and/or steam treatments as required.


Reduced production time and costs: the SMA Depalletizer allows you to optimize processes and make can production more efficient than ever.

Increased efficiency and productivity: the SMA depalletiser helps you increase the efficiency and productivity of your production line.

Improved safety and hygiene: The SMA depalletiser helps you improve safety and hygiene in canning production.



  SMA - 100 SMA - 250 SMA - 500
Containers Borcane, cutii, PET, sticle, etc.
Capacity 1 layer / min. 1,5 layers/ min. 5 layers/ min.
Optionals complements Eliminarea automată a straturilor de carton. Îndepărtarea automată a straturilor de carton. Încărcarea automată a celui de-al doilea palet. Descărcarea containerelor - sistem de suflare.

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depaletizator Emerito SMA

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