The Ax150i is the primary printer of the Ax-Series range in the industrial segment. It features high accuarcy technologies like Touch Screen, i-Techx ink and electronics system and i-Pulse print head.
It’s user friendly and for optimal performance Ax150i only requires the replacement of consumables (make-up filter, ink and make-up cartridges, make-up module and ITM). The replacement of consumables it’s coded with yellow for easy identification and user convenience.
Key benefits:
• i-Pulse system (based on Continous Ink Jet) offers smart ink usage, droplet accuarcy and faster speed of printing;
• IP 55 cabinet;
• The i-Techx system displays a flexible configuration easy to adapt to client’s needs and easy connectivity to other equipements;
• The Cleanfill technology offers a clean and easy replacement of consumables;
• The QuickStep Domino’s software delivers a complex configuration of touchscreen through additional plug and play add-ons.
The Ax150i technical and software features meets complex coding requirments for a wide range of printing surfaces (glass, metal, plastic, paper etc.)

Ax150i (1,221 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment, ask the Product Marking and Identification department for information:

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 PI Manager
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