Label applicator AlLine

Label application systems from Alline range are automated in line systems which may be configured for labeling cylindrical products, elliptical or rectangular.

All label applicators in Alline range have been designed according to strict standards of design, in strict accordance with EC regulations, makeing each equipment suitable for the heaviest working conditions, ensuring precise positioning of the label in each application time. With high operating speeds, the equipment also have an intuitive interface for the operator, allowing easy start of the equipment and roll labels replacement without laborious preparation.In detail, ALline products are designed based on the philosophy of "built-in" which means that all components are "included" in cabinet structure, very well protected against dust, moisture and accidental strikes. Stainless steel structure is very robust and can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

The control panel is located in a higher position, protected from liquids used to wash the floor. In standard configuration, the safety cabinet is optional, but can be integrated seamlessly into the basic structure of the applicator.

Cabinet doors are very ergonomic and reduce the footprint. The internal wiring system is developed to allows cleaning the cabinet while ensuring protection.

Pliant ALLine (654 Kb) [Download]

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 PI Manager
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