Labels and ribbon in a smart and economic package

Labels and ribbon in a smart and economical package


We offer an intelligent and cost-effective package that includes a roll of white thermal transfer labels and a roll of ribbon for barcode printing (a perfect match in terms of dimensions and material).



  • Guaranteed alignment between labels and ribbons

-Material: Guaranteed excellent printing results
-Length: One ribbon roll precisely prints one roll of labels
-Width: The ribbon has the perfect width for the label roll
-Easy to order, easy to install, a single product

  • A complete package containing both ribbon and labels

-Buyer deals with a single supplier
-User handles a single package

  • Fewer unplanned stops. Increased production efficiency

-Printer stops only once for simultaneous ribbon and label replacement
-Cost savings. No material wastage
-No ribbon will be wasted
-Up to 20% ribbon savings

  • Why Printokit?

-Because there are no hidden costs
-Because it allows clear cost budgeting
-Because it occupies less space in packaging
-Because there's material savings