Uhlmann recommends Domino Printing solutions to pharma industry

Uhlmann, one of the leading manufacturers in pharmaceutical packaging, recommends Domino marking equipment as an integrated marking solution, thereby providing pharmaceutical manufacturers the ability to comply with the upcoming track and trace legislative requirements.

As such, Uhlmann's serialization solution, in partnership with the range of Domino printers, has been approved by customers and technical experts as compliant with the European FMD directive (Falsified Medicines Directive - 2011/62/EU) which is set to be fully implemented by the end of 2018.

For the packaging line expert Uhlmann, the compatibility and ease of integration of Domino systems were viewed as key points. "With less than three years until the completion of anti-counterfeit directives implementation in Europe, manufacturers need packaging and marking experts to work together to provide integrated solutions to the pharmaceutical industry," said Roland Laengle, Uhlmann's Manager of Software Support and Automation. "Our customers can confidently integrate a Domino marking solution, whether it's TIJ (thermal inkjet) or LASER, as the equipment can meet the speed and quality requirements compliant with the industry's present legislation."

Leading thermal inkjet and laser marking solutions have been developed for the long-term durability of codes, along with the ability to print unique codes at high speeds. Furthermore, they offer a key advantage for customers: compatibility with serialization solutions compliant with the FMD directive.
"The pharmaceutical industry faces a significant challenge, given that marking will transition from batch level to box level," says Craig Stobie, Domino Life Sciences Manager. "The compatibility of our equipment with packaging leaders (including Uhlmann) demonstrates to pharmaceutical manufacturers that our serialization solutions can be implemented with minimal disruption to packaging lines, without a long-term impact on overall line efficiency."