Machine suitable for removing impurities inside glass / metal / PET containers before filling.
Containers enter the machine on the conveyor which feeds the 180° overturning group.
This group, by its alternating motion, positions the containers upon a set of air sprinkling nozzles (air is generated by an electric fan).
The overturning group consists in a series of guides adjustable for the different container sizes and acting as grippers activated by pneumatic cylinders.
A series of photocells control the formation of the containers row,
Once the row has been completed, an electric contact activates the electric motor controlled by inverter to overturn the containers and bring them in the blowing position.
After the blowing has been completed, the containers are positioned on the conveyor which feeds them to the Filler.
AISI 304 stainless steel frame with height-adjustable supporting feet.
The machine is manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, except for some parts which are in a different material suitable for their functioning.
One-way conveyor belt with stainless steel table-top chain.
Stainless steel containment guides mounted on supports adjustable according to the different container sizes. 
Head driven by adjustable speed motor.
Idle head.
180° overturning group.
Series of air blowing nozzles.
Electric fan.
Device for impurities collection.
Electric control board in stainless steel.
Safety protection system as per CE norms.
On demand, the machine can be supplied with :
STEAM INJECTION GROUP consisting in a manifold with nozzles and an electro valve for the steam feeding at every working cycle.
FEEDING TABLE FOR EMPTY CONTAINERS in AISI 304 stainless steel (diam. 1.000 mm) with round plane in plastic material (polyethylene).
Output capacity:
2.700 containers/h of 314 ml
Installed power: kW 2,65
Length: 4.500 mm
Width: 1.400 mm

Masini de imbuteliat alimente (3,552 Kb) [Download]

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