MACH FTD understands the needs of the beverage industry better than any other company, due to our longstanding relationships with OEMs and multinational companies. Working closely with producers in the wine, spirits, beer and juice industries, Mach FTD has developed over time complete solutions for marking, labeling, packaging, automation and robotics, logistics, dedicated to the beverage industry. The offer of solutions in the field of marking is complete and complex. The advantages of marking with ink are countless, but we highlight the following: 
  • High-quality coding at the highest speeds
  • Continuous printing capacity for 24 hours
  • Excellent reliability in difficult working environments
  • Equipment that meets IP standards for heavy work environments
Laser marking is effective in the case of products with special characteristics, being an optimal solution from the point of view of costs when productivity is very high and requires high speeds. Among the advantages of laser coding, we mention:
  • Laser codes remain clear and visible even after washing 
  • Excellent adhesion to metal
  • excellent adhesion even on the wet bottle 
  • Non-contact laser printing will not damage the surface 
  • The power of the lasers can be adjusted to provide quality coding without perforating the package

Alongside the marking process, the labeling process is essential. We label any container no matter its shape, material composition, or position on the production line--all at high speeds and without stopping. There are a variety of labeling equipment options available to meet different labeling speeds, with varying costs for consumables.

The packaging solutions that beverage producers can request from us meet all the legal requirements as well as those related to performance. For bottling lines, we offer PET-blowing machines, washing facilities, and other packaging-specific equipment.The equipment we provide includes installation, servicing, and training--all of which are available for an extended period of time. We also offer packaging modules specifically designed for beverage producers who demand high throughput rates.  

For producers at the beginning of the journey, we offer turnkey solutions, such as: 

  • Automatic and semi-automatic equipment
  • Solutions for all stages of packaging (primary, secondary, and tertiary)
  • Monoblock or multiblock modules
  • Palletizing stations with or without robots
  • Complete packaging lines customized to the client's needs 
  • Dedicated installation, service and maintenance services
In the transportation stages of the products (single, grouped or loaded on pallets) we offer: conveyor systems adapted to any process within the production, systems for handling goods and transport for storage, as well as storage solutions. The range of equipment specific to logistics processes, which can be supplied by Mach FTD through the Intralogistics Division of the beverage industry, includes:
  • Conveyors
  • Sorting equipment 
  • Positioning equipment
  • Identification and control equipment
  • Cranes 
  • Storage equipment 
  • Equipment for product grouping
  • AVG vehicles
If you are looking for an ultra-modern and cutting-edge packaging line, we can help with all stages of development. We have semi-automatic as well as automatic equipment available, along with palletizing stations and industrial robots. We provide solutions for elevating robots (stand), end-effector components for robots (gripper) and automation panels made in our own production.