Automatic linear volumetric filler with plunging nozzles

Machine suitable to fill glass / metal / PET containers with dense or semi-dense products (sauces, cremes, paté, "pesto alla Genovese", tomato sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, purées, baby food, honey, jam, etc.).
Containers feeding by a conveyor belt and a stop device which positions the containers under the dosing valves with a screw in polyzene and supports adjustable according to the containers’ diameter.
After the filling  the containers are moved by the same conveyor to the other machines in the line.
The dosing pistons, integral with the actuators, have a pre-set stroke which is electronically set by means of the operator panel equipped with a 6” colour LCD Touch Screen display. The pistons aspirate the product from the tank and push it, by means of the diverting valves, to the second plunging valves for the filling of the container from the bottom so as to avoid the possible formation of air bubbles during the filling of viscous products like mayonnaise, dense sauces, etc. and splashes of liquid products like fruit juice, etc. 
The plunging valves are fitted with a device which allows to empty the nozzles completely so as to avoid that the product remains suspended.
These valves carry out the filling from the bottom. They are connected to a mechanical actuator driven by a brushless motor, this allows to regulate their lifting speed according to the type of product / container to be filled.
The filling volume is adjustable from the control panel according to pre-set recipes and the type of container to be filled. If necessary, it is possible to intervene on the operator’s panel to optimise the filling volume precision even with the machine in operation.
Basement with supporting plate in carbon steel, structure and total covering with inspection door in stainless steel.
Manufacturing in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Parts in contact with the product manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel, except from the tap, which is in a special material suitable for the contact with food products.
Cradle product tank equipped with probe for product level control.
Dosing units composed by heads with diverting valves and coaxial cylinders with respective pistons and mechanical actuators driven by brushless motors; in the model fitted with 2 dosing groups their heigth is adjustable by an electro-mechanical jack according to the containers size.
Conveyor with stainless steel table-top chain conveyor mounted on anti-friction strips and equipped with adjustable containment guides.
One feeding screw for one size of container is supplied with the machine.
Electric control board in stainless steel.
Safety protection system as per CE norms.
On demand and according to the type of product to be filled, the machine can be supplied with horizontal stirrer and / or oil dosing unit (for "pesto alla Genovese", paté, etc. to avoid the product oxidation).
The machine is available in the following models:
Mod. DVL2-UT (with 2 dosing groups) for an output capacity of 4.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (dense and semi-dense products) / 2.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (liquid products).
Mod. DVL3-UT (with 3 dosing groups) for an output capacity of 5.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (dense and semi-dense products) / 3.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (liquid products).

Mod. DVL4-UT (with 4 dosing groups) for an output capacity of 6.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (dense and semi-dense products) / 4.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (liquid products).
Mod. DVL6-UT (with 6 dosing groups) for an output capacity of 8.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (dense and semi-dense products) / 5.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (liquid products).
Mod. DVL8-UT (with 8 dosing groups) for an output capacity of 9.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (dense and semi-dense products) / 6.500 containers/hour approx. of 100 gr (liquid products).


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