Automator Alpha

Alpha model is suitable especially for integration into production line or machines, due to its compact dimensions. It can be built in when there is not much space for extra standing control rack. The rack is replaced for plug-in modul which contains controlling cards and electronics. This kind of laser complies with safety rules for Class 4, so that must be integrated or be a part of a special machine with proper covers and connections.

Main characteristics of model ALPHA

  • any kind of laser power (see below)
  • easy, quick and simple maintanance
  • laser machine is in safety class 4

Possible sources and powers:
YVO4: 5W – 10W – 20W – 30W 
YAG Diode standard: 30W – 50W – 100W
YAG Diode compact: 30W – 50W – 100W
CO2: 10W – 25W – 30W – 50W – 100W

Automator Alpha (6,070 Kb) [Download]