Loma CW3S Compact

Designed to be integrated into the production process to ensure that the product's weight complies with legislation,  CW3S is designed for packaged and inflated products below 3 kg.

CW3S has a fixed number system of 3 conveyors, consisting of a 400 mm infeed, 400 mm weigh-table, 600 mm outfeed with a belt width of 300 mm. The tape has a width of 300 mm and is accompanied by a mobile and covered "trash", provided with a sensor that announces its filling.

Compact system for optimal space - the CW3S model is based on the Loma experience in food industry inspection systems. Provides affordable CCP protection for the smallest possible footprint.

Waste savings - using a very reliable load technology, the CW3 gives you accurate readings while minimizing the number of products to be discarded.

Simple operation with colored touch screen - simple interface with icons, full tactile, hierarchical control with passwords and the possibility to check the history.

Cantarul Loma CW3S Compact (1,162 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment, ask the Product Marking and Identification department for information:

Catalin Biloiu,
 PI Manager
+40 734 141 623