Vacuum Leak Detector - The ideal solution for quality control in the food industry

A vacuum leak detector is an essential tool for maintaining a high level of food safety. The equipment is designed to check the quality of food packaging, ensuring:

  • The presence of vacuum inside containers
  • Correct lid positioning
  • Lid presence

Benefits of using a vacuum detector

Removal of containers: The detector ejects non-vacuum containers from the line, preventing contamination and food spoilage.

Ensuring package integrity: The equipment identifies containers with misplaced or missing lids, reducing the risk of leaks and contamination.

Prevent problems during the heat treatment phase: The detector removes unsuitable containers from the production flow, preventing damage during heat treatment and saving resources.

Container control: The equipment can identify dents or deformations on cans ensuring a perfect appearance of the final product.

How the Vacuum Detector works

The vacuum detector is placed on the conveyor belt before labelling. The equipment uses sensors to check the parameters of the containers and ejects the unsuitable ones to a reject tray or separate conveyor.

Vacuum Detector Software

The included software, developed by Emerito, offers a range of useful functions:

  • Alerts operators to malfunctions or anomalies by generating notifications and alarms.
  • Allows customisation of notifications according to specific needs by programming alarms.
  • Provides a detailed picture of packaging quality.

The vacuum detector can be installed at two strategic points:

At the exit of the capper: prevents incorrectly closed containers from reaching the heat treatment phase.

On the subsequent stages: prevents containers with anomalies from returning to sterilisation or heat treatment, avoiding quality and presentation problems.

To find out more about the vacuum detector, contact our team of specialists.

We are happy to offer you a customised solution to optimise your production operations.


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