G320i, integrated with Moba Omnia for optimal egg production


New! G320i, can be integrated with Moba Omnia by Mach FTD for optimal eggs production

MACH FTD offers Romanian egg producers a new coding solution with thermal ink. These solutions have been developed using Domino G series printers and allow the integration of the Moba Omnia sorting and packaging equipment. There are two solutions which are consisting in:

• Marking with fixed head marking- for the codes that are marked on the boxes whose direction of displacement is parallel with the marking head. This solution works with a fixed marking head and is suitable for workflow where products are not stopped.

• Coding with moving head- for the codes which are marked perpendicularly towards the displacement of the boxes with eggs. This solution works with a moving marking head, and being useful to the production lines that require group marking ( the boxes are stopped during the marking).


• The reduction of the production downtimes caused by communication errors between the equipment which are supplied by different producers;
• Are assured an optimum production guaranteed by dedicated solutions to the eggs producers;
• Significant reductions of the investments due to this solution regarding of several print heads, which mark different codes and are controlled by the same printer.