Label applicator ALbelt C

ALbelt C Label Applicator - The compact solution for wrap around labelling

Discover easy wrap around labelling with the ALbelt C applicator


Benefit from efficiency and flexibility with ALbelt C:

Compact system: ergonomic design for easy integration.

Precise wrap around labelling: Ideal for bottles, cans, jars and pots.

Stand-alone solution: Independent operation, perfect for small production runs.

Low cost: Smart investment with high profitability.

Outstanding flexibility: Adaptable to different production needs.

Ease of use: Intuitive interface for simple operation.

Modular system: Allows customised configurations.

Why choose the ALbelt C label applicator?

Strategic investment: Economical solution for wraparound labelling.

Reliable performance: State-of-the-art technology for precise label application.

Ease of use: Ideal for operators with limited experience.

Outstanding versatility: Fits various industries and applications.

Exceptional technical support: Prompt and expert assistance.

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Pliant ALbelt (3,054 Kb) [Download]

Aplicator de etichete ALbelt C

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