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ALcode - are printing and application of self-adhesive labels systems. Can be connected to a computer and can apply freshly printed labels on products in movement and also on stationary products. To print labels, ALcode can integrate different types of SATO and ZEBRA printers’ manufactory which have developed a special range for automatic application of labels. It has a resolution of 8, or 12 points at speeds up to 300 mm / sec.

In each printing system ALcode, mechanics, pneumatics and electronics were chosen to meet the requirements of industrial environments and combines reliability, accessibility of friendly operator interface.It was made a range of standard applications for different versions of ALcode, making them able to position the label in any position and at any linear speed.

The following solutions are available:

  • Apply labels by blowing with or without labeling piston for moving products without touching
  • Application by stamping on stationary products labeling including deep surface. 
  • System implemented by rocking for applying labels with contact to moving products
  • Rotating arm for applying labels on the front / back or corner stationary or moving products

Due to the flexibility ALcode label applicators, MACH FTD is able to develop integrated systems identification packages such as boxes, cartons or pallets.

The following devices are optional and can be added to standard configuration to solve specific applications:
  • Laser Scanner barcode control 
  • Multiple programs tagged
  • Reels to allow reel higher labels 

Pliant AlCode (7,424 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment, ask the Product Marking and Identification department for information:

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 PI Manager
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