Label applicator ALcode LT


ALcode LT Label Applicator: Engineered for Cost-Effective Labelling

The ALcode LT Label Applicator is the compact and economical labelling solution.

Benefit from versatile labelling with the ALcode LT:

  • Compact and cost-effective system: Ideal for small spaces and limited budgets.
  • Real-time printing and application: Label stationary or moving products at speeds of up to 150 mm/s.
  • Versatile: Flexible configuration for various labelling needs.
  • Easy to install and use: Integrates seamlessly into packaging lines.
  • Robust construction: Ensures long-term operation.

Key features of the ALcode LT Label Applicator:

  • SATO LT 408 printer module: Prints high-quality labels at 150 mm/s.
  • Air-jet application: Ideal for irregular products and high speeds.
  • Swing arm applicator: Allows for the use of labels with different formats.
  • Tamp-on application: Perfect for stationary products.
  • Microprocessor-controlled logic: Ensures precise and reliable operation.
  • Compact and lightweight structure: Fits into tight spaces.

Why choose the ALcode LT Label Applicator?

  • Economical solution: Reduces labelling costs and optimizes efficiency.
  • Exceptional versatility: Adapts to a wide range of labelling needs.
  • Ease of use: Intuitive interface and simple configuration.
  • Top reliability: Robust construction and quality components.
  • Compact size: Ideal for limited spaces.

Contact us to learn more about the ALcode LT and discover how it can significantly improve your labelling process!

Pliant ALcode LT (1,506 Kb) [Download]

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