Label applicator ALpharma B

ALpharma B – applies labels on boxes, barcode labels or tags for protection so that remain unopened. Productivity up to 200 products / min. ALpharma adhesive label applicators were specially designed for pharmaceutical packages.

Based on our experience in producing label applicators that have been proven extremely reliable and efficient in all activity sectors, ALTECH has developed ALpharma range, of which features are in accordance with the regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.

The equipments have been designed with special attention to the following items:

  • Very easy cleaning equipment due to smooth surfaces (electrical components are placed in a high position so they are protected from accidental water spills on the floor).
  •  Ergonomic Mechanical parts, easy format change.
  •  Made of stainless steel
  •  Integration of thermal transfer label printers for printing date and batch.

Pliant ALpharma (2,519 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment, ask the Product Marking and Identification department for information:

Catalin Biloiu,
 PI Manager
+40 734 141 623