Monobloc filling equipment

The filling monoblocs are part of the Mach FTD Packaging Division. These consist in bottling system that contains several equipment for bottling and that are integrated / encapsulated in the same frame. Usually, a filling monobloc involves a filling equipment and a capping / trapping equipment.



  • MAXIMA monobloc equipment with continuous movement combines a linear filling system with a rotary capping system. The bottles are transported by a screw during filling, directed to the star wheel that feeds them into the capping machine.MAXIMA monobloc units offer a space-saving and medium-high speed solution.
  • TIRELLI SIGMA monobloc equipment with alternative movement involves rotary filling equipment and rotary capping equipment inside the same stellar wheel. At the exit of the monobloc you can add another equipment for putting trigger / pump / sprayer caps. The use of an alternative movement offers an extremely flexible solution for saving space for small to medium productions.

For this equipment ask the Packaging department for information:

Hrimiuc Iulian,
Packaging Manager
+40 753 010 742