The construction of the secured premises provided by MACH FTD, is recommended for the heavy industrial equipment, for heavy loads, that require a solid support, but also for light industrial equipment or with medium weight, both for static systems as well as for the equipment with linear motion.   

The structural profiles assembled by MACH FTD, provide unlimited configuration possibilities. The premises can be configured according to the requests of the client and according to the characteristics of each application, including the case of the demanding production environments. All the systems are designed to provide a maximum stability and torsional resistance.

Standard components: 
  • Profiles – support
  • Connectors: mounting plates, fixing slots, fittings, angular connectors
  • Support elements: adjustable feet (PVC/ Aluminum), rollers, gripping fastening elements – to the floor
  • Hinges, locks
  • Handles
  • Angular fastening elements
  • Closing Kit
Additional components: 
  • Profiles for sliding / swiveling / vertical opening / double opening doors
  • Roller systems
  • Angular fastening elements
  • Panel fastening strips
  • Plexiglas, PETG, metallic panels
  • Security Kit
Achievable types of applications:
  • Protection and/or support frames for the equipment with variable weight
  • Secured premises for the special machines / industrial robots
  • Sealed premises for specific working environments (pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries and not only)
  • Workbenches
  • Lab furniture
  •  Wide range of standard components for each application sector
  • Easy to assemble and adjust, with manual dismantling possibility
  • A minimum execution time range between the designing and the installation
  • Does not require welding of painting
  • Resistance to corrosion and to the action of the chemical agents
  • Automation of the line stopping in case of accidental opening of the secured area
  • Meeting of both national as well as international quality standards, including the standards of the pharmaceutical industry