Taping and Case Erector Machines


Taping and Case Erector Machines

The Taping and Case Erector Machines that our company provides are designed to minimize the time of operations in the production process.
The case erector machine is available in different design alternatives:
√ Tape sealing the box
√ Hot sealing the bottom of the box
√ Own system for feeding, forming trays and/or inferior lids (caps)
Box sizes vary between 110 mm and 650 mm on both height and width, and their minimum length is 150 mm.
Taping equipment is used for a variety of specific applications: boxes of the same (or different) sizes, wide or narrow, closed at the top or bottom, with automatic bending of the upper flaps. It can be used PP or PVC tape with a 50 mm width, and 660 m or 990 m length.
MACH FTD offers a wide range of auxilliary equipment such as wrapping tables with bottom bending of the lid.

Areas of application
For primary/ secondary packaging
Preparing products for storage
Individual Use
In association with conveyor lines connected to industrial equipment

Case erector/ Sealing equipment can be used as independent units of sealing / packing, or as part of the automatic wrapping line
Using taping and case erector machines reduces logistic operations’ time
Growth productivity (up to 600-650 packs / h)
Significant cost-reducing equipment